• New course for Business Development Managers, Innovation and R&D managers and Researcher:

    Innovation Management

    Autumn 2023


    Awards 7.5 study credits after passed exam (optional)


    Venue: Oslo & Kjeller

    4 days study program

    Price kr. 20.000,-*

    (*15.000,- for partners on Fast track to innovation project)


    Date: Oct. 17th-18th and Nov. 7th-8th


    Lectures by proferssors from Entrepreneørskole at NTNU,

    External lectures by Norwegian and international speakers from leading industry, R&D organisations, start-up, funding organisation and investors.

    Information about the Innovation Management Course, workshops and events will be will be updated - stay tuned!

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    The course is tailormade for business development managers, researcher managers and researchers in R&D and Innovation departments at industry and research institutes, who want to learn more about innovation process, business development an innovation management.





  • Academic staff from NTNU


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    Dag Håkon Haneberg Text

    Associate Professor

    Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management


    is an Associate Professor at NTNU's School of Entrepreneurship in Trondheim and an Associate Professor II at the School of Business and Law at the University of Agder in Kristiansand. He teaches entrepreneurship and is also involved in various projects for higher education development.

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    Ingrid B. Sivertsen

    Assistant Professor

    Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management


    Ingrid Sivertsen teaches Technology Management, Technology Management for Design and Architecture, Systems Thinking for Engineers, and Continuing and Further Education Programs in spring 2023. Ingrid holds a degree in Industrial Design from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design and an MBA from Nord University. She is the owner and CEO of Ingrid Oline AS.


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    Roger Sørheim


    Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management

    Roger Sørheim is a researcher in engage and a Professor at NTNU and Adjunct Professor at Nord University Business School. His main research interests include entrepreneurial finance and entrepreneurship education. Roger is one of the founders of the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship.



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    Sara Sundqvist

    University lecturer

    Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management

    Sara Sundqvist is a Business Developer, Instructor, and Nurse with a passion for making a difference. She currently serves as an instructor in business development at NTNU's School of Entrepreneurship. Her role involves fostering the birth of new business ideas and nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs.

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    Øystein Widding


    Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management

    Øystein Widding is the Centre Director and a professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Adjunct Professor at Nord University Business School. Øystein is one of the founders of the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship.

  • Innovation Management Course

    Program 2023


    Oct. 17th: Business development

    Idea evaluation, Business models, Product market fit, IPR in early phase.


    Lectures by: NTNU, Visit and lecture from a startup, spin-off from institutes, deep tech companies. Cases from Norway, EU and USA.


    Oct. 18th: From idea to technology and product delevopment

    Open innovation, Commercialisering, Technology tranfser, Team work.


    Lectures by: NTNU, 

    Visit from NRC and EIC Nathional contact points.


    Nov 7th: Market introduction phase

    Presenting and communication, Testing / piloting, Soft-funding and financing.

    Lectures by: NTNU, Visit from Innovation Norway, corporate investors.


    Nov 8th: Innovation ecosystems

    Cases related to energy, circular economy, digitalisation, health, and other relevant areas.

    Lectures by: NTNU, Visit and lecture from research groups and deep-tech companies from Norway and EU.

  • Why Innovation Management

    Increase competence in innovation can assist your organisation and your employees to adapt for the new future. Innovation is an important driving force for economic growth and job creation and is about identifying, evaluating and exploiting new opportunities. Innovation is not just about establishing new organisational companies (start-ups), but creating board value in different contexts with existing departments and organisations.

    There is a clear connection between organisations that are able to adapt to changes in society and the number of employees with innovation and entrepreneurial skills.

    Awareness and importance of innovation is growing strongly and has become significant part of industrial business policy, which has led to stronger focus on supporting the development of innovation skills in employees both in in all sectors.







  • Quotes from participants from the course in 2020

    - Very skilled lecturers, very interesting. Very suitable for those who have a good idea but are just wondering how to commercialize it.


    - Incredibly good course. I have been waiting for something like this for over 10 years!

  • Workshops & events

  • We connect business developers from industry with researchers through cross-sector workshops, networking and courses on innovation management.


    March 16th: Digital Changemakers



    June 13th: Workshop - Meet, learn and cooperate: Innovation and new developments in green energy production and storage.



    October: Innovation Management Course

    4 days study program in October and November

    From research to value creation and business development.Co-development for fast track moving up to the TRL and BRL scale


    December 12th: Networking event - Partnerships for the FutureTask Force



    Januar 18th: Workshop - Innovation Task Force

    @Industry Park Porsgrunn


    April 25th: Digital Changemakers - Energy Edition

    @Startup Extreme, Hemsedal


  • Admission Requirements

    Bachelor's degree, 180 credits, or equivalent real-life experience.

    Upon application, the subject may be included in the Specialization in Strategy and Business Development and thus as a subject in the Master's in Organization and Management (NTNU).

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